RestroPress – Online Food Ordering System For WordPress

RestroPress is an Online Food Ordering system for WordPress. RestroPress allows Restaurant owners to take their store online and sell their food directly on …


50 thoughts on “RestroPress – Online Food Ordering System For WordPress

  1. Let's say I have a multi-vendor food ordering system where there are multiple restaurants. Will this plugin be available for all the registered vendors/restaurants or for the main admin only?

  2. Hi Sagar, first of all thanks for your good work.
    I have few issues if you could help me please… thanks in advance

    1 – it doesn't give me the field to add delivery address even I am using both delivery and pickup option. 
    2 – when someone place order I am not getting any notification like in ORDER tab on plugin not refreshing automatically and not even playing notification sound mp3 file which I have uploaded already. But I am getting emails for new orders.
    3 – Could you please explain how order notifications works exactly.
    4 – Do we have an option to add discount automatically on pickup/delivery options with %
    5 – Do we have an option by sign in as admin and view new orders on page like Deliveroo or Uber instead of the WordPress dashboard.

  3. Please Help! I have two issues: (1) The prices of food is not computing to total amount. It's only selecting a single price when I've selected multiple food items. (2) The checkout page is not working – I get a message saying I have not selected any item. Help please.

  4. brother here is a question for you: i have setup this for my client every thing is working properly but its not showing me order details on admin details.when i open order history its shows but its display order details that's why i am unable to change the status from processing to completed.

  5. how to connect to printer that can notice in restaurant thanks this is really important , all my friends own restaurants gotta print out the order to cook

  6. I want it to create a random 4 digit unique code/receipt with a code for everytime someone clicks Buy for their item. How can I do that. Could you please help me. I'm a newbie at creating website and don't really know programming.

  7. Everything is perfect, but + button is not working when I tried to order food.
    Whenever I click that button it gets into a short processing but nothing comes, I mean the dialogue box which shows addon categories. Nothing is being add into cart.

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