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I woke up this morning to see that I had 13 disputes against 13 different pieces of paid content I offer on Gumroad. What’s even more strange is that every dispute is from the same person. So, I contacted Gumroad’s support to find out what is going on. What started as some less than good news for myself has now turned into great news for everyone else! Everything is completely FREE on Gumroad!

This video is obviously satire and I am not encouraging or endorsing anyone to do this. I feel bad for anyone else that has had this happen to them and I hope that there are steps taken to avoid such things in the future.

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44 thoughts on “EVERYTHING on GUMROAD is FREE?!?!

  1. Some more professional responses from Gumroad's support staff: "Sorry, what exactly did you think we could do about this? Unfortunately we don’t have our own form of currency where users pay us in Gumroadbucks that we can issue and revoke at any time."

    So that's very informative I guess.

  2. It's a phking wonder anything gets sold online what with that trick on Gum Road PayPal freezing and closing accounts just because you started a shopify store and actually all of a sudden started making tons of money Facebook closing yr Facebook add account and whole account because you did something against there ever changing guidelines without notice with little to no chance of ever getting it back and banned from making a new account omg!
    Why don't people just pay directly into yr bank account then they send u an email you check for payment and send the product?

  3. I did a lot of research into this. Any website that accepts any credit card or Paypal a customer can dispute the charges and do this. Gumroad will contact the credit card company or Paypal on behalf of the seller to have the credit card company or Paypal start an investigation. It is totally up to the credit card company or Paypal then to determine if the customer was doing anything illegal. If they don't find any suspicious activity or illegal activity they will never contact Gumroad. So neither Gumroad or the seller will every hear anything. If the credit card company or Paypal does find evidence that the customer did something wrong they will then take the money from the customer and give it to Gumroad to give to the seller. The only way around this would be for Gumroad to have their own currency in Gumroad dollars. Customers would have to purchase Gumroad dollars then buy from sellers. Then sellers would have to cash out their Gumroad dollars for real dollars.

  4. It's unfortunate, but Gumroad is correct, there's nothing they can do about it. No company can turn off a buyer's ability to file a chargeback claim. The best a company like Gumroad can do is not accept payments from card issuers with a liberal chargeback policy like AMX has. Other than that it's left up to Gumroad to dispute the chargeback directly with the card issuer. But that's gets kinda unrealistic when the item purchased isn't physical and the receipt of purchase cannot be easily verified.

    Unfortunately there will always be some low life thieves who will cheat and steal.

  5. Anyways i searched for something else and this video showed up. What i need to know is are the tutorials on gumroad downloadable? I mean once i pay for a tutorial can i download on my pc? Or is it like i can only watch it online, streaming.?? I need to know.

  6. There is really only two things that a site can do when it comes to chargebacks:

    Offer chargebacks but then have some customers scam sellers like what happened to you
    Not offer chargebacks and have some sellers scam customers

  7. This is insane…not everywhere is like this, for example, there is no refund for electronic products on Tmall and Taobao. Gumroad should change it policy to pretect creators.

  8. Sell 'access' or subscriptions to your files… don't allow them to download from the link.. if they do a chargeback – they lose access to the file. should fix this hack 🙂

  9. Brands don't have to give 2 cares about individual people if you don't have some big position of authority.

    That's how most brands are.
    They realize the world is atomized, and they're down to treat individual people like shit if it cuts cost .

    They'll basically say F U to your face if they know it won't reflect bad on their "brand"

    Really something about our society as a whole needs to change.

  10. holy crap dude thats so wrong!!! are you not able to put a hold on the dispute and have it investigated? why does common sense not come into play here when looking at the situation???? clearly the person is gaming the system??? this is dumb!

  11. I am so sorry this happened to you. Thank you for posting this. I came to Youtube to do some research on Gumroad, because I was considering using them to market a training series I'm putting together. You just saved me from making a huge mistake. Their response was pure BS. That is NOT the way all websites work. That may be the way sites that don't care about their customers work, but there are plenty of other providers who will stand behind their members. Amazon will actually close the accounts of people who request too many refunds on ebooks published through their Kindle platform. That's because they don't tolerate pirating. Looks like I'll be sticking with Amazon for my ebooks.

  12. #gumroad this is bullshit. these are artist that have spent years perfecting the art. if they are making a buck or two and loose money in that process you say thats the way it is….. let me remind you GUMROAD these guys run your site. not people who are buying your stuff. ppl who are genuinely want to buy will buy anywhere.. dont give corporate bullshit answer… sorry to hear this happen please change the rates on all your product to 1000$ and start dealing outside like message me and we can have a deal :D… Thats no professional answer…

  13. It truly is a losing battle to try and stop people stealing digital content (just ask the entertainment industry.)
    With the only plus being that it doesn't cost us to reproduce that content and sell it again.
    As a consequence it seems like the only solution is to make a product so good that you can live off the support of those willing to pay.
    It sounds rubbish I know, but it seems like the most successful independents have come to accept this.
    Keep growing your community and maybe look towards setting up a Shayne Olsen style course down the line.
    Much love.

  14. It feels bad, but the support was telling the truth. It's because of Paypal's policy of always favoring buyers over sellers in disputes. Gumroad is not the only website where this happens, and they could've done nothing about it indeed. Unless you don't use Paypal, I guess.
    On the other hand, there actually is something you can do about it if it was physical goods. You can provide paypal with notes that can prove you've actually shipped the goods, and then Paypal may reject the refund. I hope they have a similar policy for digital goods as well.

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